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Spring is Coming!
Posted by on February 11, 2019
Spring is almost here, meaning the bulk of this year's listings are about to be put on the market. If you are thinking about buying a new home this year, but are worried that you don't have enough money saved for the down payment, then these four tips can help you add a little extra cash to your bank account.

1. If you have a finished basement or spare room that you and your family don't use often, consider renting it out for some extra income. Sites like Airbnb and HomeAway are becoming more popular for those traveling for business, to visit family and for vacation and can be an easy way to earn some extra income.

2. A huge chunk of most families' budgets goes towards groceries, so consider shopping at discount stores like Aldi, Smart Shopper or a local bulk discount store. You might not find popular brand items, but the money you save over time can be a great start to buying your dream home.

3. Getting rid of extra items around the house is not only a good idea for moving, but the money you earn could be essential to buying your next home. Go through your home and find duplicate items or things you don't use anymore and consider selling them on ebay, Amazon or at a garage sale. A little extra money can go a long way.

4. Instead of saving whatever is left at the end of a pay period, try saving first and living on the remainder. If you need to dip in to the savings for unforeseen expenses, that's okay. This method helps you avoid running out of money to save and you'll be surprised to find that you can stretch your money further than you probably think.



Reach the Right Audience
Posted by on January 16, 2019
At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Homesale Realty, we make sure our listings reach the right audience. One of the many things we do to achieve this, is advertise every one of our open houses on Facebook and Instagram. Our January Market & Tech Stat shows that our numbers speak for themselves.





Bringing the Generations Together

Although your home may have been housing a traditional family of a mom, dad and two kids, savvy real estate agents will tell you that in order to attract more buyers, staging your house as one fit for multi-generations is the way to go.

More parents and grandparents are finding a need to move in with family, as many can no longer afford the increasing rates of the adult communities where they once lived. Furthermore, the economic climate is forcing many kids to return home once their schooling is done.

A recent multi-generational study conducted by the Pew Research Center, Washington, D.C., revealed that multigenerational living has been on the rise over the past decade, fueled by demographic and cultural shifts.

"One of the things that struck me about this change is that it's coming from all directions," said Paul Taylor, author of the report. "More young adults are moving back home, more elderly are moving in with their middle-age children and more middle-aged children are moving back with their elderly parents."

Data from the study shows that in the 10-year span between 2000 and 2009, the number of households practicing multi-generational living increased to 33%, with more than 49 million Americans currently living in homes with three or more generations.

Real estate professionals are tending to highlight features such as finished walkout basements and bonus bedrooms today more than ever. That's why when your agent tells you that switching out your office or transposing the basement play area to one that resembles more of a bedroom is the way to go, you should be listening.

When selling your home, you need to look at the process from the perspective of all buyers, not just yours. Consider how a multigenerational family might use the various spaces available, and give prospective homebuyers options to easily transform from single-family to multigenerational living.

Therefore, any home that contains bonus space is a viable candidate for a multigenerational buyer who's planning to bring an ill or out-of-work family member back into the fold.

Experts agree that intergenerational living is easier when each family subunit has its own space. "Everyone who is going to share the home should have a private area of their own," said Amy Goyer, a multigenerational expert at AARP. "It is best if there is more than one common area so that children and adults have spaces to relax in without everyone having to spend all their free time in the same room together."

Multigenerational house design can be applied to just one structure or can be accomplished with two or three units to keep families together while preserving their independence and privacy.

According to Cam Marston, author and founder of the research firm Generational Insight, there are a number of benefits for different generations of a family living together. "It's less expensive, obviously, but more importantly, they can learn from one another," Marston said. "Separating generations keeps them aloof from the trends and important things impacting each generation. When they are all under one roof, they can grow up sooner and stay young longer. It works on both ends of the generations."

Another thing for home sellers to consider when it comes to attracting multigenerational buyers is the home's accessibility for people who might be living with aging parents who use wheel chairs or walkers.

Creating a complete, accessible living space on one level with safety features can make a home attractive to people of all ages.

Will your home be a great option for multi generational living? Let's get together and go over your options. Contact Rose Madar at 717-475-3885 or email at


6 Fun Winter Break Activities for Kids

December 19, 2018
It's almost time for schools to let out for the holiday break so be prepared to stop boredom in its tracks! These six activities are simple, fun ways to keep kids occupied on their days off, without them ending up in front of the TV. Plus, with minimal materials needed, these activities are perfect for kids to do with parents, grandparents, other relatives or babysitters.



1. Snow Painting: All you need is some food coloring, paintbrushes and snow. It's an easy way to get the kids outside and let them explore their artsy side. Just make sure you bundle up!

2. Forts: Grab all of the extra blankets and pillows around the house and make a huge fort! Your kids can spend the day playing board games, reading or playing with toys.

3. Mini Chopped Challenge: Find some random ingredients in the fridge or pantry and let your kids create a meal out of them, with your help. It's a great activity for children to learn about cooking and have fun while doing it.

4. Scavenger Hunt: Send your kids on a scavenger hunt throughout the house with clues that will challenge them. This can keep their brains sharp to help prevent a rough transition back to school.

5. Jeopardy: Host your own Jeopardy tournament with dry erase boards and flashlights. Use the flashlights as their "buzzer" and whoever flashes it first gets to answer. Plus, a quick Google search pulls up tons of pre-made Jeopardy questions for kids.

6. Gingerbread House: Crafting a gingerbread house is a timeless winter activity and one that your kids will love. Place an old plastic tablecloth on the floor to catch all of the sprinkles and candies that will undoubtedly drop. In the end, the mess is worth the fun they will have.




No Registration necessary! Come on out and burn those calories before the feast AND support our Local Mount Joy Fire Department!





Downtown Harrisburg is the center of the action during the holiday season, with shopping, food, and memorable holiday events. The annual Harrisburg Holiday Parade, beginning at noon November 17, is always one of the most exciting events of the season, and this year's parade will be here before you know it.
Bring the whole family to enjoy a day of holiday-themed fun, with a parade, awards ceremony, and plenty more to enjoy downtown after the festivities are complete. Our real estate agents have the details on what to expect from this year's annual event.

Harrisburg Holiday Parade Details

The parade is a celebration of the upcoming holidays, and of all the things that make living in Harrisburg special. If you're shopping for Harrisburg homes for sale, this is a great chance to see what life in the city is all about.

  • The Harrisburg Holiday Parade is presented by Visit Hershey and Harrisburg, an organization dedicated to showcasing the many attractions, events, and entertainment options of the region.
  • The parade starts at noon, and travels through the streets of downtown Harrisburg, with live music, parade floats, balloons, and more than a few surprises for all in attendance.
  • There is no cost to attend the Annual Harrisburg Holiday Parade, and the day's events are designed to be enjoyed by people of all ages. Kids love getting in the holiday spirit while taking in the sights and sounds of the parade.
  • Free street parking will be available in downtown Harrisburg for four hours surrounding the day's events, and you can also park in conveniently located, covered parking garages for a $10 fee on parade day.
  • In the area around Market Street where the parade begins, you'll also find a delicious selection of food trucks, along with carnival games for kids. The starting area is where you'll find the announcers and judging area as well, so it's a great place for families to hang out during the day's events. There will also be food trucks located on State Street, at the far end of the parade route.


Meet Santa in Strawberry Square
The holiday fun doesn't end when the parade is complete; in fact, it's just getting started! After the parade, head to Strawberry Square for the awards ceremony, which kicks off at 3 p.m. Watch as parade participants are recognized for all of their hard work and enjoy free hot cocoa and cookies. There will also be a meet & greet with Santa Claus himself, which is always a highlight for Harrisburg families. Once all of the parade festivities are complete, be sure to visit the unique businesses of downtown Harrisburg for some holiday shopping and fantastic food.

Are you ready to find a home close to the attractions, entertainment, and special events in Harrisburg throughout the year? Contact Rose Madar 717-475-3885 at BHHS Homesale Realty to buy, sell, and learn about homes in the Harrisburg, PA area.



Finding the perfect Christmas tree is a holiday tradition that dates back generations, and for many of us, a trip to the tree farm is the time when the holiday season truly gets into full swing. There's simply something wonderful about setting out with the family, or your special someone, to find the tree that will be at the center of your holiday celebrations.
If you're searching for the right tree to deck the halls of your home, then Lancaster County is an excellent place to find it. Our REALTORS® are here to help you decorate in style, with a guide to finding the right tree in Lancaster County during the holidays.

Deck the Halls: Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Tree in Lancaster County
Did you know that Pennsylvania is one of the top producers of Christmas trees in the country? When you live in Lancaster homes, you'll quickly see why that's the case. There are a ton of great farms to cut down a Christmas tree in the Lancaster area, and these local, family-owned farms really know how to turn finding the right tree into a special, memorable outing.

Heritage Tree Farm
Located in scenic Lititz, PA, the Heritage Tree Farm is one of the best places in Lancaster County to find your perfect Christmas tree. In addition to a farm stocked to the brim with trees of various types, you'll find a warm, welcoming atmosphere at Heritage Farm. Stop by between 9 am and 2 pm on most days to enjoy a ride on a horse-drawn carriage as you explore the farm. Lititz homes for sale offer a comfortable, family-friendly lifestyle, and great local businesses like Heritage Tree Farm are a big reason why that's the case.

Elizabeth Farms
Just a short drive northeast from Manheim, you'll find the beautiful facilities of Elizabeth Farms, where you can pluck a tree of your own from thousands of worthy candidates. Elizabeth Farms offers wagon rides out to the Christmas tree field, a large, diverse selection of trees, and a holiday "Fantasy Barn" where the kids can spend some quality time with Santa himself. Be sure to make time to visit the gift shop, where you'll find holiday decorations, wreaths, ornaments, local crafts, and all of the equipment you need to keep your tree looking its very best.

Miller's Christmas Tree Farm
Looking for a great place to shop for a tree close to home in Elizabethtown? Miller's Christmas Tree Farm offers everything you need to start the holiday season in style, with wreaths, trees, and ample hours starting on Black Friday. The crew at Miller's Christmas Tree Farm will help you find your own tree, or you can purchase a balled tree that's all ready to be loaded up and taken home. You'll also find a large selection of natural decorations, including window swags, hand-crafted wreaths, and garlands.

More Farms in the Lancaster Area
The farms on our list are all popular stops for Lancaster County residents around the holidays, and there are plenty more great farms in the area where you can shop for a Christmas tree close to home. With so many tree farms, holiday events, and opportunities for family fun, Lancaster County really is the ideal place to spend the holidays, every year.
Are you ready to celebrate the holidays in Lancaster County every year, and searching for a home in the community to call your own? Contact Rose Madar at 717-475-3885 to buy and sell homes throughout the Lancaster, PA area.


Christmas Candylane is not the address of Santa's new home--but, it is a real place. Each year during the holiday season, Hersheypark, the area's well-known theme park, miraculously becomes Christmas Candylane, a spectacular holiday experience for kids of all ages.

While Hershey, PA is a popular place to visit, once here, many families make our community their home. Hershey (aka Chocolate Town, USA) may be best known as the home of Hershey chocolate, but when you mix in an award-winning local school district, and it's easy to see why families love Hershey, PA.

When you're making a visit to Hersheypark's Christmas Candylane this season, here are some attractions you won't want to miss:

Christmas Candylane at Hersheypark
Where – Hersheypark is located 100 W. Hersheypark Drive, Hershey, PA.

When – Select dates from Nov. 11, 2016 through January 1, 2017.

Dazzling Decorations – If you've ever visited Hersheypark during the summer months, prepare to be blown away by how the park transforms for the holidays. The entire theme park becomes one big decorating extravaganza, with brilliantly colored Christmas lights stretching for as far as the eyes can see. Even the park's mascots who delight kids around the park will have a few special costume tweaks to show off their holiday spirit.

Transformed Roller Coasters – Thrill-seekers will love experiencing the roller coasters of Hersheypark from a totally new perspective, because the coasters are lit up for the holidays, too! There's nothing quite like taking in some tasteful decorating as you whip around sharp turns, climb up steep hills, and race down through the descent. Santa's sleigh will have nothing on you.

A Visit from Santa – Speaking of Santa, it wouldn't be Christmas without the big man making an appearance. Santa Claus and his nine live reindeer have been known to hang around Hersheypark during the holidays, and you can even reserve space in a special meet-and-greet where the family can enjoy a meal with the man in red.

Holiday Lights for Miles – Literally! In addition to all of the lights you'll see as you walk through the park, Hersheypark features a drive-through Christmas light tour that stretches for over two miles. So if you like to stay close to the heat during the holidays, you can experience Christmas Candylane without ever having to leave your car.

Fun for Every Season – Christmas is a very fun time for families in Hershey, PA, but this is really a great place to live year-round for families with children. Along with Hersheypark, there are minor league sports teams for affordable family outings, tons of outdoor recreation opportunities, and special events for all the biggest holidays.

Homes in Hershey – Shop for homes for sale in Hershey, PA, and turn a visit to Christmas Candylane into an annual family tradition. You'll find a diverse collection of single-family homes in the city, and Hershey, PA has a convenient, central location that makes it easy to find good work in nearly any industry.

REALTORS® in Hershey are here to help you navigate the real estate market of our sweet city, and land the home of your dreams. Contact me Rose Madar at 717-475-3885 to buy and sell homes in Hershey, PA, and I'll meet you at Christmas Candylane.

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